Parent Superintendent Council – November 27, 2012

School Newsletter Article


Parent Superintendent Council (PSC) met on November 27 at Colina Elementary.  Highlights included:

Taste of Kyrene: An opportunity drawing will be held at this event with tickets costing $10 each. The grand prize is a family get-away package in either Anaheim (includes Disneyland and Universal Studios) or San Diego (includes Sea World and Legoland). Schools keep 20% of their ticket sales. Tickets can be obtained at

Excellence in Education Awards: The Tempe Diablos are again sponsoring this annual event to be held at the Tempe Center for the Arts on March 28. For more information or to nominate a staff member for an award, go to

Rachel’s Challenge: Rachel Joy Scott was the first person killed in the Columbine Massacre, and she has inspired this program which focuses on bullying prevention and promoting kindness. It is targeted for middle school and high school students, but parents of younger students are welcome to attend. Once the program has been presented at a school, a Friends of Rachel Club is formed to promote the values it represents. Four of our middle schools have already had the program; Centennial will have it on January 15 and Pueblo on January 16.

Mix It Up Day: On October 30 all schools and the District Office participated in National Mix It Up Day. Students were encouraged to sit by someone at lunch that they would not normally sit by and get to know them. The purpose is to have students step outside their comfort zone in order to be more inclusive and ensure that no Kyrene student feels isolated and alone.

2013-14 Budget Projection: We are working to come up with our best projection about State funding and build our budget around it, even though we don’t generally know the exact amount until late in the spring. Given the known variables in our budget, if we keep the status quo for next year, we will have a $10.1 million deficit. Our best case scenario would be for the legislature to increase our Soft Capital Allocation (additional $1.2 million) and for bond legislation to pass, which would leave us with a $1.1 million deficit. The legislation we need is a bill to increase bonding capacity for school districts. In the 2010 election, voters overwhelmingly (70%-30%) authorized the sale of bonds to supplement the funding provided by the State.  However, school districts are currently only allowed to sell up to 5% of the assessed value of all the real estate in their boundary area and since assessed value has declined significantly over the past few years, we no longer can sell bonds. Bills have been introduced the past two years to raise the bonding capacity but have not been voted into law. We are anticipating another similar bill this year. If parents wish to contact their legislators about passing this bill, go to our home page at, click on “Legislative Contacts/ Elections”. There is an explanation of the problem and instructions on how to write an effective letter to legislators. This topic was the focus of the November 27 Board Study session. A video of that session is available on our website.