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Stay-At-Home Fundraiser

Dear Parents,

Are you tired of asking friends and family to buy cookie dough, wrapping paper, and coupon books? Tired of doing all the work and still having to share the profits with cookie dough, wrapping paper, and coupon book companies? Well, so are we! This year your Aprende PTSO is holding its 2nd Stay at Home Fundraiser. The concept is simple; spend a night at home with your family, and use the money you would have spent at a restaurant, movie, or other activity (and on cookie dough, wrapping paper, or coupon books you’ll never use) to help support your child’s school! 100% of the money raised will be used to provide materials, supplies, and programs for our students and our school! It’s a win-win for everyone, especially our kiddos!

Last year, we made over $5,000, and we would like to surpass that amount this year! If every family in the school contributes some amount, we will achieve our goal of funding amazing programs and services for our school! We are suggesting that each family donate $50.00, however, if you can donate more than $50.00 per family, it will help those families who may not be able to donate the suggested amount. Our hope is to be able to have only one major fundraiser this year (don’t worry; we will continue to have the smaller community building/fundraisers that everyone enjoys e.g.; Restaurant Night).

Last year the PTSO was able to support our Aprende community by purchasing/funding the following: 

* Purified Water Fountains * Sports Scoreboard * $50 Gift Cards for New Teachers 

* Scholarships for 6th Grade Camp & 8th Grade Trips * PBIS Rewards * Classroom Supplies 

*Clubs * Electives (including; Art, Library, F.A.C.S., Music, P.E., & others) 

* In-School/Teacher Support * Communication * Health Office Supplies 

After discussion with Principal Kory it was determined that we will support the same areas this year.

Again, if you are able to donate more than the suggested $50.00 per family, please do so, as some families may not be able to donate at this time. All contributions are tax deductible and 100% of the money donated benefits Aprende.

* Please be sure to check with your company’s Human Resources Department to determine if your company contributes to a Charitable Donation Matching Program.

Easy Steps To Participate:

1. Complete this donation form (one per family please) even if you are unable to donate at this time OR simply click a donation button below.

2. Write a check payable to Aprende PTSO or go to to donate via PAYPAL. You don’t need to have a PAYPAL account to use this option! 

Please include your children’s name, grade, and 7th period teacher in the comment section so that your children will get their treat and be entered into the raffle.

3. If paying by check, return the donation card and check via the “Backpack Express” or drop off at the Aprende office. 

4. If you are unable to donate, please complete & return the form so your child will still receive a treat for participating!

5. Your cancelled check is your receipt.

Participants are eligible to win some great family-friendly raffle prizes such as Jag-Swag, local gift cards, and even an opportunity to be Principal-for-a-Day.  In addition, EACH student (who turns in a form) will receive a Giant Pixy Stix candy!  

Please participate in this donation drive so we can support the Aprende Community and keep funding the programs & activities our children love!

Thank you in advance, for your support of our wonderful students and educators at Aprende Middle School!

If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Rosen Johnson at (602) 677-3882 or