2015-2016 PTSO Board Openings

The following positions are open for the PTSO Board in the 2015-1016 School Year.  We hope you will consider joining our efforts.  If you have any further questions about these positions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Email Gabrielle Theilmann, PTSO President.  Please take a few minutes to fill out the application form if you are interested in being considered for any of these positions.

President - Elect 

Duties and Responsibilities: The PTSO President - Elect is the designated incoming President for the next school year term.  They will assist the current president in the completion of their duties while learning the necessary skills to assume the leadership role in the following year.  This is a two-year commitment.  

President Duties and Responsibilities include: The PTSO President is the leader of the Parent Teacher Student Organization. You will set the vision of the PTSO during your term and ensure that the group meets specified goals.  This position has many responsibilities and administrative duties.  Detailed instructions have been assembled for reference.

Sets the agenda, calendar, and presides over all monthly PTSO meetings & executive committee meetings. 
Attend meetings at the district office. 
Host school events
Solicit agenda items & act as contact person for anyone suggesting an agenda item.
Supports all Committee Chairs and scheduled events.
Serves as PTSO spokesperson at school events/meets and welcomes new families.
Liaison between the PTSO, Principal, and staff.
Establishes relationships with local businesses and organizations.
Monitors monthly budget reports.

Apparel Coordinator 

Duties and Responsibilities: Develop, design and manage inventory for Aprende’s line of Spirit apparel including T-shirts, hats, hoodies and more! Outgoing board members will provide training and a detailed instruction manual.

Create order forms, take and fill orders for spirit and sports apparel
Sell apparel at various school events such as Curriculum night, Math night and Science night.  
Work with Aprende Staff to design Staff apparel and other apparel needs
Coordinate special t-shirt projects for clubs, grades, Mini Town etc.
Maximize profits and minimize inventory since Apparel sales are a major fundraiser for the PTSO

Communications Coordinator

Responsible for monthly newsletter, PTSO website and Facebook page.  Works in conjunction with other board members to provide information about current PTSO activities.  Newsletter format can be maintained or altered with approval as long as it interacts correctly with school listserv.  PTSO website is a Google Sites format, so no formal coding skills required although some knowledge of html is helpful.  Current members will provide transition assistance.